"slowly regenerates health over time"

Angel Wings are an Accessory that heals damage over time.


  • The Angel Wings restore 3 health points per second.
  • The Angel Wings cost 15,000 Gold


  • Pair with the Medic Gear to restore 6 health points per second.
  • Very useful when combined with the Wooden Shield and Medic Gear as it makes you impervious to all attacks that deal less than 40 damage points, healing you before you get hit again.
  • Pair with the Bull Helmet to lessen the effects of the Bull Helmet's health drain.


Angel Wings were added to in version 0.87. At the time they cost 15000 Gold but had no effect. 0.88 brought the healing effect to the Angel Wings. Version 0.89 buffed the Angel Wing healing power to 4, only to be changed back to 3 again in version 0.895.


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