This is commonly confused with the Plague Mask.

The Anti Venom Gear is a Hat which defends against the Poison effect.


The Anti Venom Gear resembles the Soldier Helmet, but it is a darker shade of grey and has a greens stripe running down the center.


  • Wearing the Anti Venom Gear will negate the effects of the Plague Mask.
  • The Anti Venom Gear also takes the Poison Effect away from Poison Spikes, you will still take 30 damage though.


  • Equip the Anti Venom Gear when you see a player with the Plague Mask coming towards you. Wearing this Gear will neutralize his special ability and level the playing field.
  • If you have time, equip the Anti Venom Gear when smashing Poison Spikes, that way if you touch them you will not be poisoned.
  • When there is no immediate threat of poison, wear a different Hat. Save this one for when you need it.
  • It is not common when you will get poisoned so if you have 4000 gold, it's better off spending it on Bush Gear or something else.


  • Ever since the release of Ruby Weapons, the Anti Venom Gear has gotten far more useful than before.