"Restores 20 health when consumed"

The Apple is a Food item in It is used to restore the Player's health.


  • The Apple is the first Food item unlocked in the game, every player has it when he starts the game.
  • When consumed, it restores 20 points of health to the player's health bar.
  • Apples cost 10 food.
  • When selected, the player's movement speed is drastically reduced.
  • Potentially upgrades into the Cookie.




  • Big fights are recommended, as the Apple is not very food-efficient compared to the Cookie.


  • The Apple is the second of the five items known to the player at the start of the game, the others being the Tool Hammer, Wood Walls, Windmills, and Spikes.
  • Before the chat feature was added to the game, many players used Apples and Cookies to signal peace between each other.
  • At age 3, you have the choice of either upgrading to Cookie or Stone Wall.