Barbarian Armor is a hat in


  • Enemy Players who attack a player wearing this Hat will be knocked backward by a currently unknown amount.
  • The Barbarian Armor costs 10,000 Gold.



  • Use the Barbarian Armor against Players who have a shorter range than you do. For example, use against the Katana if you have the Polearm.
  • Use the Barbarian Armor against Players who are faster than you in order to prevent being overrun.
  • Use with the Bat to give the most knockback possible.



  • The Barbarian Armor used to be the Demolisher Armor, armor with a completely different effect. This is perhaps the most radical change to an item yet.
  • The Barbarian Armor looks faintly similar to the armor of the same name in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


The Demolisher Armor was added to in version 0.62. The Demolisher Armor increased melee damage to Structures by 40%. It underwent a minor Sprite Change in version 0.76. Finally, the Demolisher Armor underwent a radical change in both its name and its function. The Demolisher Armor was changed to the Modern Barbarian Armor. The Barbarian Armor had the exact same sprite as the Demolisher Armor, and for all apparent purposes was the Demolisher Armor, but its effect was changed. The Barbarian Armor no longer dealt extra damage to structures but instead knocked back enemies who damaged the player wearing it. Since then the Barbarian Armor has remained the same.