"fast long range melee weapon"

The Bat is a Weapon in


  • The bat deals 20 damage per hit, with an even weaker dps than the tool hammer.
  • The bat is now the 4th upgrade available at age two.
  • The bat deals heavy knockback. This knockback is so strong that a player may run backwards away from a bull, and never get hit.
  • Combined with the Monkey Tail, the bat deals a whopping 6 damage per hit!


  • The Bat is extremely useful against high-speed targets, it was apparently designed for use against players with the Monkey Tail.
  • The Bat is also useful against large groups of people, capable of keeping them all at bay.
  • The Bat is effective against players with the Short Sword, Hand Axe, Great Axe and Daggers, but is less effective against long-range, more powerful weapons such as the Katana and Polearm.
    • When forced to battle the Polearm, use your faster move and attack speed to stay out of the way of the giant spear-head while hitting the enemy.
      • This strategy will prove less effective against the Katana, so avoid conflict with a Katana player at all costs.
  • When in a heated battle, try not to rely on the Bat too much. Use unconventional methods, like with Spikes and Pit Traps. It helps to have a powerful Secondary Weapon as well.


  • The bat has the weakest attack power and DPS of any weapon in the game.
  • Before the Bat was added to the game in v0.9, it was discovered in the game files.



  • 1.0
    • Added Diamond Sprite
    • Slightly reduced range. (2px) (Code Values 120 to 110)
  • Secret Update May/15/2018
    • Buffed Damage to 20
  • 0.9
    • Added


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