The Booster Hat is a Hat that increases the Movement Speed of its wearer.


  • The Booster Hat increases your speed by 16%.
  • The Booster Hat costs 6000 Gold.



  • Combine the Booster Hat with the Shadow Wings or better, Monkey Tail for maximum speed.
  • Use the Booster Hat to hunt down fast quarry and to outwit slower enemies.
  • Powerful when paired with Katanas and Polearms and greatly boosts the Axes offensive ability to storm in battle and get close to enemies to eliminate their advantage with ranged weapons
  • Combine this with Daggers and Shadow Wings for a high speed and high DPS build.
  • Unlike the Soldier Helmet, Bull Helmet, and other helpful hats, this hat has no disadvantage. Always keep it on, unless you need to switch hats for another situation.
  • Pair with Mc Grabby and/or Shadow Wings if your main weapon is Katana or Polearm. Those weapons have high damage and are dangerous in combat, but have slow movement speed. Switch over to the Mc Grabby for fast movement around the map, and then when you find opponents you can switch to your main.



  • There is a Structure in that shares a similar design to the Booster Hat, called the Boost Pad.
  • There is also an Accessory similar to the Booster Hat, called the Dash Cape.


The Booster Hat was added in version 0.28.