The Booster Hat is a Hat that increases the Movement Speed of its wearer.


  • The Booster Hat increases your speed by 16%.
  • The Booster Hat costs 6000 Gold.


  • Combine the Booster Hat with the Shadow Wings or better, Monkey Tail for maximum speed.
  • Use the Booster Hat to hunt down fast quarry and to outwit slower enemies.
  • Powerful when paired with Katanas and Polearms and greatly boosts the Axes offensive ability to storm in battle and get close to enemies to eliminate their advantage with ranged weapons
  • Combine this with daggers and Shadow Wings for a high speed and high DPS build.


  • There is a Structure in that shares a similar design to the Booster Hat, called the Boost Pad.


The Booster Hat was added in version 0.28.