"Allows you to disguise yourself as a Bush."

The Bush Gear is a Hat in that allows the player to disguise himself as a bush.


  • With this hat, Players that are not in your tribe can't see your name or your health bar.
  • The Bush Hat costs 3,000 Gold.


  • Hide your weapon by moving next to a Tree or other Natural Structure.
  • Be aware of players who may attempt to mine you for Food.
  • You can easily inflitrate someone’s base with this hat.


  • There are slight variations in color scheme between the Bush Hat and the Bush.
  • A similar Hat exists in the Game Files. This hat resembles the Winter Variant of the Bush.


0.87: Slightly Changed Sprite (Line Emphasis) 0.48: Reduced Cost from 10,000 to 3,000 0.34: Now shows HP bar to your Team/You 0.27: Added