A Cactus is found in the Desert Biome of They are like Food Bushes but will damage players when touched.


  • Cacti deal 35 damage to everything that touches them, except structures.
  • Cacti yield a set amount of Food per hit per Cactus hit.
Stick Great Axe Hand Axe Mc Grabby Others
Food 7 4 2 0 1


  • Hide behind Cacti in order to evade enemies.
  • If you position yourself correctly behind the cactus, a Bull, Bully, or Wolf will run into the cactus and turn away from you.
  • You can in close the Treasure with walls around a cactus since the Pit Trap-spike combo won't work on it.
  • Place Boost Pads around it to give your opponents a slow and painful death.


  • There is a similar Natural Structure in the game, called the Bush. It behaves exactly the same as the cactus, but does no damage and spawns in the forest and snow biomes.
  • Cacti are the only biome specific resource in the game.
  • It's the only natural structure that damages you.


  • Cacti were added in version 0.74 and have never been changed.