The Corrupt X Wings sponsor the player, Corrupt X.


  • The Corrupt X Wings reflect 25% of melee damage done to the wearer back at whoever damaged him.
  • Does not reflect damage done by ranged weapons.
  • The Corrupt X Wings cost 20,000 Gold.


  • Combine with the Spike Gear to reflect 70% of damage.
  • Use the Spike Gear-Corrupt X Wings build when combatting players with the Bull Helmet and Katana. Since the Bull Helmet allows the Katana to deal 60 damage points, 70% of 60 = 42. Significant damage was done. Not enough to kill him before he kills you but a lot.


  • The Corrupt X wings have the highest gold cost in the game, along with Blood Wings. (Both cost 20K Gold )
  • The Corrupt X wings were named after the YouTuber Corrupt X; it's the same for the Blitz Hat and Enigma Hat.


  • The Corrupt X Wings were added in version 0.88.


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