The Cow is a Passive Mob in


  • The Cow gives 50 Food and 150 Gold when killed.
  • The Cow is the most common mob.
  • The Cow has 500 HP.
  • The Cow periodically stops moving, recalculates a new path, and moves in that direction. The new path is completely random, and does not take into account Structures, so it frequently collides with solid objects.
  • If the Cow is damaged, it will move quickly in the direction that will take it away from whatever damaged it.
  • The Cow has several randomized names it pulls from a data bank. These names are displayed above the Cow, and are as follows:
    • Sid
    • Steph
    • Bmoe
    • Romn
    • Jononthecool
    • Fiona
    • Vince
    • Nathan
    • Nick
    • Flappy
    • Ronald
    • Otis
    • Pepe
    • Mc Donald
    • Theo
    • Fabz
    • Oliver
    • Jeff
    • Jimmy
    • Ben
    • Alan
    • Naomi
    • XYZ
    • Clever
    • Jeremy
    • Mike
    • Destined
    • Stallion
    • Allison
    • Meaty
    • Sophia
    • Vaja
    • Joey
    • Pendy
    • Murdoch
    • Theo
    • Jared
    • July
    • Sonia
    • Mel
    • Dexter
    • Quinn
    • Milky
    • Reaper


  • Killing Cows is a fast way to earn Gold. Try trapping Cows, then Spiking them.
  • Due to the Cow's poor pathfinding AI, it is possible to pin a Cow against a Wall or the end of the world by hitting it in the right spot.


  • Cows were the first AI animals to be released.


The Cow was first added in version 0.70. At the time there was a glitch where the Cow's name would be different for different Players. 0.71 fixed this glitch, increased the speed at which the Cow would run away and added more Cow names. 0.80 added even more Cow Names. In 1.6, the cow Igor was removed. Any further changes are not documented in the Changelog.


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