Death is a Game Mechanic in


  • Death occurs when the player runs out of Health.
  • When a Player dies, he disappears from the world.
    • Disappearance is instantaneous, the Player is no longer in the world the moment the last of his Health disappears.
  • When a player is killed, the 'death message' will appear on his screen.
    • The death message appears in the middle of your screen and gradually grows to full size, and displays the text "You Died".
  • Approximately three seconds after the Death Message reaches full-size, the site goes back to the Main Page.
  • Players can respawn after death, but will not retain any Age points they acquired prior to death. They will, however, retain any Hats and/or Accessories they were wearing the time they died (other purchased things will be deleted), as well as their Windmills. All buildings stay placed when you die.
    • Players can see the position of the last place they died on the Map, it will be marked with a red 'X'. (It is called the Death Marker)


  • Technically Mobs die as well, though they actually automatically re-spawn somewhere else in the world with a different name and a refilled Health. They will not respawn with different names if they are wolves, bulls, or bullys.
  • There is also a white marker very similar to a red marker. If you press "c," it will place a white x at your current position. This can be used to mark your base, enemy bases, etc.


  • Avoid Death if possible. You can do this by avoiding enemy players stronger than you and certain mobs.


  • 0.41: Increased size of death marker
  • 0.10: Added dying mechanic