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The Desert Biome is a Biome in It is presumably the driest, hottest biome in the game.


  • Gold and Stone are very common in the Desert Biome.
  • Trees and Bushes never generate in the Desert Biome.
  • The only plant-form to generate in the Desert Biome is the Cacti.
  • Animals spawn normally in the Desert Biome.
  • The Desert Biome has no effect on the Player's movement speed.
  • The Desert Biome covers 40 vertical grid spaces, making up approximately 16% of the world.
  • Bulls and Bullies are more common.
  • Arena with the moostafa and moofie


  • Due to the lack of Trees in the Desert Biome, Wood is difficult to obtain in the Desert Biome.
  • Natural Structures such as the Cacti make ideal natural defense against raiders, try to use the terrain to your advantage.
  • Attempting to survive the Desert will require trips to the Plains Biome in order to collect resources, like Wood. Journey in groups of two or more in order to obtain these resources, then return to the Desert for Shelter.
  • Use cactus to your advantage, as spikes.
  • Mine stone, because there is a lot in the desert.
  • lots of players go here since the arena is there so...


  • The Desert Biome is the third Biome in the game.


The Desert Biome was added in version 0.74.

added an arena in 1.1