Diamond Weapons, also known as Diamond Variants, are the third set of weapons in the game. They are the upgraded versions of the Golden Variants and can be received by obtaining 7,000 resources with one weapon. Their blades and highlights are done in Diamond, and often times are with different looks from their predecessors.

As of version 0.86, the Diamond Upgrade does 18% more damage than the weapon's basic variant and 8% more than the Golden Variants.

Diamond Tool Hammer

Merged with the Tool Hammer.

Diamond Hand Axe

Merged with Hand Axe.

Diamond Great Axe

Merged with Great Axe.

Diamond Short Sword

Merged with Short Sword.

Diamond Great Hammer

Merged with Great Hammer.

Diamond Katana

Merged with Katana.

Diamond Bow

Merged with Hunting Bow.

Diamond Crossbow

Merged with Crossbow.

Diamond Shield

Merged with Wooden Shield.

Diamond Repeater Crossbow

Merged with Repeater Crossbow.

Diamond Polearm

Merged with Polearm.

Diamond Bat

Merged with Bat.

Diamond Stone Shield

Merged with Stone Shield.

Diamond Musket

Merged with Musket.

Diamond Weapons/Items Chart

Great Hammer (Structures) Polearm Katana Short Sword Great Axe Great Hammer Hand Axe Tool Hammer
Diamond 83 53 47 41 41 12 35 30
Gold 77 50 44 39 39 11 33 28
Normal 70 45 40 35 35 10 30 25

Diamond Weapons Difficulty 1 is Easiest 11 is Hardest

Diamond Great Axe Diamond Hand Axe Diamond Great Hammer Diamond Short Sword Diamond Katana Diamond Polearm Diamond Tool Hammer Diamond Hunting Bow Diamond Crossbow

Diamond Repeating Crossbow

Diamond Shield
Difficulty 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


  • Diamond Weapons were supposedly added in version 0.891, but after much experimenting people realized that diamond weapons actually weren't in the game. This caused many players to conclude that diamond weapons were a joke, like the Goldfish. However, in the next month. 0.892 added the diamond weapons to the game. To this day no-one knows for certain whether Sidney simply forgot to add the diamond weapons in 0.891 or if it was an intentional prank intended to psyche players out.
  • Diamond Weapons were added in version 0.892. At the time they increased damage by 20%. However, they were later nerfed in version 0.895, reducing the damage increase to 18%.
  • Diamond weapons got updated sprites in version 0.897. The sprites were made by YouTuber, Existenz.
  • Adding _d to any weapon in the game files will show the diamond version ie hammer_1_d
Hammer 1Hammer 1 GHammer 1 D Tool Hammer Hammer 1 DHammer 1 GHammer 1Sword 1Sword 1 GSword 1 D Short Sword Sword 1 DSword 1 GSword 1

Samurai 1Samurai 1 GSamurai 1 D Katana Samurai 1 DSamurai 1 GSamurai 1Axe 1Axe 1 GAxe 1 D Hand Axe Axe 1 DAxe 1 GAxe 1

Great Axe 1Great Axe 1 GGreat Axe 1 D Great Axe Great Axe 1 DGreat Axe 1 GGreat Axe 1Spear 1Spear 1 GSpear 1 D Polearm Spear 1 DSpear 1 GSpear 1

Bat 1Bat 1 GBat 1 D Bat Bat 1 DBat 1 GBat 1Dagger 1Dagger 1 GDagger 1 D Daggers Dagger 1 DDagger 1 GDagger 1

Stick 1Stick 1 GStick 1 D Stick Stick 1 DStick 1 GStick 1

Bow 1Bow 1 G Hunting Bow Bow 1 GBow 1Crossbow 1Crossbow 1 GCrossbow 1 D Crossbow Crossbow 1 DCrossbow 1 GCrossbow 1

Crossbow 2Crossbow 2 GCrossbow 2 D Repeater Crossbow Crossbow 2 DCrossbow 2 GCrossbow 2Musket 1 Musket (Removed) Musket 1

Shield 1Shield 1 GShield 1 D Wooden Shield Shield 1 DShield 1 GShield 1Shield 2 Stone Shield (Removed) Shield 2

Great Hammer 1Great Hammer 1 GGreat Hammer 1 D Great Hammer Great Hammer 1 DGreat Hammer 1 GGreat Hammer 1

Shotgun 1 Shotgun Shotgun 1