This is a historical feature that has been removed from the game. As such, it is no longer found in-game.

The Door is a Removed defensive structure in Formerly acquired at Age 4, the Door performed the exact same function as the Pit Trap and was replaced by its duplicate soon after.


The Door was made up of a solid black, grayish hexagon within another faded brown one, taking the space of a normal wooden wall.


  • A maximum of 2 could be built per player.
  • Took 30x wood and 30x stone to be built.
  • Enemy Players could not go through it
  • It is unknown if animals were able through it, but probably not, seeing as they have red HP bars.
  • Doors had 700 HP (along with Pit Traps until a recent update.)
  • Was an alternative to the age 4 level-up, in addition to the Boost Pad.
  • Doors perform the same function as the pit trap.


  • When building a base, it was used like a wall where teammates wanted to get in, or as a door.