This is a historical feature that has been removed from the game. As such, it is no longer found in-game.

The Door is a Removed defensive structure in Formerly acquired at Age 4, it was replaced the Pit Trap soon after it's release. Its main difference from the pit trap is it worked like a wall for those not in the team and was completely visible.


  • A maximum of 2 could be built per Player.
  • Took 30 wood and 30 stone to be built.
  • Enemy Players could not go through it.
    • Attempting to do so would result in a collision similar to the one with walls.
  • It is unknown if animals were able to pass through it, but probably not, seeing as they have red HP bars.
  • Doors had Less Than 700 HP. (exact value unknown)
  • Was available at Age 4, as an alternative to the Boost Pad.



  • When building a base, it was used like a wall where teammates wanted to get in, or as a door.


  • Try going around the Door, as it will, for a bit, prevent you from entering a base.



  • 0.23
    • Removed from game.
    • Replaced with Pit Trap.
  • 0.22
    • Added to the game.