"turrets won't attack you, but you move slower"

The Emp Helmet is a Hat in


  • Turrets will not target Players wearing this Hat, though projectiles fired from the Turret can still damage the player.
  • The Emp Hat reduces its wearer's speed by 30%.
  • The Emp Hat costs 6,000 Gold.



  • Use the Emp Helmet to take down turrets effectively.
  • Wear a different Hat when the Emp Helmet is not necessary, as the Emp Helmet slows you down.
  • Use in Sandbox (Experimental Server) to avoid Turret Spammers.


  • Take advantage of the Emp Helmet's slowing movement speed.
  • Keep your Turrets, as they will provide an incentive to your opponent to keep the Emp Helmet on instead of a more effective Hat for combat.


  • Fans presume that the Emp Helmet is actually meant to be called the EMP Helmet. EMP stands for Electro-Magnetic Pulse, which disables nearby electrical systems. However, the Emp Helmet does not deactivate Turrets, as they still target other players. It merely 'cloaks' its wearer.


  • 0.76
    • Slightly Changed Sprite
  • 0.72
    • Reduced Movement Speed by ??% (??% to 30%)
  • 0.70
    • Added Emp Helmet back.
    • Changed Description to "turrets won't attack you, but you move slower"
    • Reduced Movement Speed by ??%
  • 0.69
    • Removed Emp Helmet
  • 0.60
    • Renamed to Emp Helmet
    • Description changed to "turrets won't target you"
    • Turrets will not target the wearer
  • 0.59
    • Added
    • Named "Pin Hat"
    • Description "no effect"
    • No Effect