This is a story made by Salmon Gaming, and is NOT a real thing. Please do NOT copy or edit without their permission. Hope you enjoy!


Moomooo legend

the battle, yes, thats me heroically fighting CX and his minions, it was really hard to concentrate and get the shot, so i just trapped em'

Musket 1
Samurai 1 G
Crossbow 1 G
Bow 1 G
Spear 1 G

Long ago, i mean a really, long time ago, an epic battle occurred between 2 opposing forces, the good, and the evil. At the head of the assault was Corrupt X, the demon leader, and the opposing force, the USArmy, with Salmon at its lead. The forces met on occasion, each preparing for imminent war, spy's were sent to each opposing union, gathering Intel on the enemy. The USArmy developed a powerful force, of muskets and turrets, but the spy's had told tales of evil hackers on the enemy team. Salmon sent a small patrol around the edge of the map, to search for enemy activity, he put a trusted friend, turborocket as a leader, his team never returned, but turborocket returned, shaken and wounded, he uttered "they're coming", salmon immediately ordered a frontal attack, he would lead his troops onto the battle field to battle the enemy while their forces were elsewhere, and so the army marched on, muskets bows and weapons ready for the bloodshed to come. Salmon ordered 1/4 of his army to go up, and attack from the north, and 1/4 to attack from the south, and 1/4 to attack from the west, his main army would attack the east. So they departed, and quickly began taking position. Salmon pinged the map, signaling to attack, and his forces rushed the base with quickness, to find nobody inside. Corrupt X's army had prepared, and attacked from behind! Salmon pinged the map 3 times, an S.O.S, and his troops came to the aid, Corrupt X's army was strong, but Salmon knew he was a match for him. The forces began battle, heavy melee on the front lines, and supporting fire behind, 2 waves of death, many died, the war waged on, Salmon ordered the archers to flank them, they departed quickly. Salmon took up a musket of gold and aided his troops best he could, until the support aided from behind. Corrupt X quickly killed many men in his onslaught, Salmon was filled with rage, and targeted Corrupt X, attempting to stop him. Corrupt X boosted to Salmon, hit him twice but salmon healed quickly, soon a second wave of arrows and bullets came hurling across the battlefield, startling corrupt X for a moment, and in that moment, Salmon dealt the 3 hits that ended the war, Corrupt X's allys fled, departing in every direction, the clan was destroyed, Salmon had ended the great war of the plains, freeing the land of Corrupt X's spell, and gaining peaceful dominance over the server, and all who attack him, fall to ruin.

His closest ally, turborocket lay dying after the battle, his last words: "i gtg man bye"

The memorial:

A memorial was created that day, by the survivors of the team, consisting of 7 parts, 1 wood wall, 1 stone, 1 spike, 1 windmill, 1 faster windmill, 1 stone mine, and 1 pit trap, the memorial represented the 7 soldiers who lost their lives on the field, and as a new union, a sign of peace under the server, signalling remembrance, of that day, when evil died, but his battle wages on, he battles demons and hackers, with Superior military power, he slays his foes with his musket made of gold, and his army made of iron.

Current conflicts:

Legends say Corrupt X had a spawn pad, Salmon must re-assemble his militia, to find his new lair.

The battle of the rivers, taking control of the water would be a table turning asset to have in the war.

Recruitment on wiki is assembled, my message wall for details.

Want to join the battle?

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Professional player teams, the events listed actually occurred with slight dramatization.