This is a Fan Made feature by a fan of, and is NOT a real thing. It is here so people can express what they think would be nice in the game. Feel free to edit and add to the page, as long as it isn't vandalism!

There are some hats that exist in the game files but do not currently exist in the game.

Also note that the name, cost, and effect are just ideas that have been researched and now guessed, but they are not real, but the image has been found in game files, so it is real.

Name Cost Image Effect
Gold Hat 1500
Unknown Hat 3(Hat 17)
Mines gold 2x faster
Cloud Hat 15000
Unknown Hat 4(Hat 19)
The ability to hide inside

resources. Water is

controlled a bit more


Arctic Bush Hat 8000
Unknown Hat 5(Hat 24)
Hides name in the Arctic.

Disguise yourself as a

bush. 2x speed in the


Ghost Hat 5000
Unknown Hat 6(Hat 33)
Have the ability to walk

over your own defenses.

Damage is reduced by


Cowboy Hat 20000
Unknown Hat 7(Hat 34)
Increases the amount of

damage to animals by

500%. (200 damage with


Anti-Glue Hat 1000
Unknown Hat 8(Hat 39)
Has a 50% chance of

ignoring a pit-trap.

Steel Hat 500
Unknown Hat 9(Hat 41)
Has a 20% chance of ignoring


Tribe Hat 100000
Unknown Hat 10(Hat 47)
Can only be equipped by

tribe leader. Increases

speed by 40%. Does 100

damage to people who join

and leave the team.

Octopus Hat 2000
Hat 0
Become half-visible in the water.

How you get the golden hat should be the same strategy you do for the golden shield but, when you kill an animal with pit traps and spikes, you switch to a non-weapon (food, structures, etc.) so the food counts for the hat, not the weapons. This is the same strategy on how to get the diamond hat. (The diamond hat's effects are unknown. It should be that it mines gold 4x faster) (There has been no proven existence of the diamond hat yet)