"generates more gold over time"

The Faster Windmill is a Structure that creates Gold for the player that builds them. It costs 60 wood and 20 stone and is an upgrade from the Windmill.


The Faster Windmill is a light-brown circle with a large peach cross rotating over it. Over the cross's center is a small brown circle.


  • The Faster Windmill produces 1.5 gold per second and increases your age by a little bit. How it manages 1.5 gold is generating one gold, then two gold per second, forever until it's destroyed. If 2 are placed it will be in a pattern of 3 consistently, not a 2/4/2/4 pattern, averaging it out.
  • The Faster Windmill costs 60 wood and 20 stone.
  • A player can only have up to 7 Faster Windmills at a time.
  • Faster Windmills are slightly smaller than the normal Windmills so you will need less space to place Faster Windmills.



  • The Faster Windmill is alternative to the Greater Spikes, and the Stone Mine.
  • Although the size difference is small for the Faster windmill and the Windmill, the speed the windmills turn at is very noticeable.


  • Unknown Update - Decreased Faster Windmill's size but, Increased Normal Windmill's size
  • 0.1 - Added Faster Windmill (Initial Release)