"have more control while in water"

The Flipper Hat is a Hat in


  • The Flipper Hat improves your ability to resist the current in the River by 50%.
  • The Flipper Hat costs 2500 Gold.


  • Use the Flipper Hat to cross the River with ease.
  • Use the Flipper Hat to run away from more dangerous enemies by hopping into the river and going against the current.
  • Kill enemies by chasing them into the River and use your improved agility to terminate them.
  • Wear a different Hat when you are not in the Water.


  • The Flipper Hat is one of only two Animal Hats in the game that isn't free, with the other being the Bull Mask.
  • Few hats have eyes, but the ones that do all have eyes facing to the left, with the exception being the Flipper Hat, who's eyes are crossed. The Flipper Hat's tongue also sticks out. Perhaps a reference to the Goldfish joke?
  • There is a Mob in the datafiles, called Fish, that resembles the Flipper Hat.


Exactly when the Flipper Hat was added to the game is unknown, but it was likely added in version 0.68.