Food is a type of Resource in It is used primarily in Cookies, Apples, Cheese & Pizzas (removed) as a means to heal the Player. It is also used in Healing Pads.

​ Technical

  • Food can be acquired by hitting a Food Bush or Cactus.
    • Food can also be obtained by killing Mobs.
  • As players earn more food, it will be shown in their Food Bar.
  • Apples heal 20 health, Cookies give you 40 health, and 80 With Cheese, which cures Poison too).
    • Cheese instantly heals 30 health when used and 10 health per second for the next 5 Seconds, totaling 50 over time, and 80 overall.
  • Food is represented by: Food


  • Use the Hand Axe or Great Axe to gather food fast.
  • Try using the Samurai Armor to get food twice as fast.
  • Always make sure to have lots of food on you, as it is the most important thing you could have in combat.
  • Use the Miners Helmet to get Gold and Food at the same time.
  • Mine 2 Food Bushes at the same time to gather Food twice as fast.
  • Food can run out quickly, so keep lots of food on you.


  • Food looks like an Apple but despite that, an Apple still requires 10 Food .


Food has been in the game since the beginning and has never changed.

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