The Game Files are the files from which gets its images and sounds.

Image Files

Image Files can be found by typing and then the corresponding string.


Adding /weapons/weapon_src_or_coded_file_name will usually find the Weapon's image in the datafiles, with some exceptions. Adding _g, _d, and _r will show the weapon's gold, diamond, and ruby variants respectively (if they exist). If they don't, if achieved in game there will be no sprite shown, so they are transparent.


Adding /hats/hat_number will usually find the Hat's image in the datafiles.

Hat Image
Hat 0 Hat 0
Marksman Cap Hat 1
Straw Hat Hat 2
No File No File
Ranger Hat Hat 4
Cowboy Hat Hat 5
Soldier Helmet Hat 6
Bull Helmet Hat 7
Bummel Hat Hat 8
Miners Helmet Hat 9
Bush Gear Hat 10
Spike Gear (Base, for Coding) Hat 11
Spike Gear (Top, for coding) Hat 11 Top
Spike Gear (Store) Hat 11 P
Booster Hat Hat 12
Medic Gear Hat 13
Windmill Hat (Base, for coding) Hat 14
Windmill Hat (Top, for coding) Hat 14 Top
Windmill Hat (Store) Hat 14 P
Winter Cap Hat 15
Bushido Armor Hat 16
Hat 17 Hat 17
Explorer Hat Hat 18
Hat 19 Hat 19
Samurai Armor Hat 20
Plague Mask Hat 21
Emp Helmet Hat 22
Anti Venom Gear Hat 23
Hat 24 Hat 24
No File No File
Barbarian Armor Hat 26
Scavenger Gear Hat 27
Moo Head Hat 28
Pig Head Hat 29
Fluff Head Hat 30
Flipper Hat Hat 31
Musketeer Hat Hat 32
Hat 33 Hat 33
Hat 34 Hat 34
Fez Hat Hat 35
Pandou Head Hat 36
Bear Head Hat 37
Monkey Head Hat 38
Hat 39 Hat 39
Tank Gear Hat 40
Hat 41 Hat 41
Enigma Hat Hat 42
Blitz Hat Hat 43
Polar Head Hat 44
Anti Hack Hat Hat 45
Bull Mask Hat 46
Hat 47 Hat 47
Halo Hat 48
Bob XIII Hat Hat 49
Apple Cap Hat 50
Moo Cap Hat 51
Thief Gear Hat 52
Turret Gear (Base, for coding) Hat 53
Turret Gear (Top, for coding) Hat 53 Top
Windmill Hat (Top, for coding) Hat 53 P
Hat 54 Hat 54


Adding /accessories/access_accessoryNumber will find the Accessory's image in the datafiles.

File Name File
Access 1.png Access 1
Access 2.png Access 2
Access 3.png Access 3
Access 4.png Access 4
Access 5.png Access 5
Access 6.png Access 6
Access 7.png Access 7
Access 8.png Access 8
Access 9.png Access 9
Access 10.png Access 10
Access 11.png Access 11
Access 12.png Access 12
Access 13.png Access 13
Access 14.png Access 14
Access 15.png Access 15
Access 16.png Access 16
Access 17.png Access 17
Access 18.png Access 18
Access 19.png Access 19
Access 20.png Access 20
Access 21.png Access 21


Adding /animals/animal_name will find the Mob's image in the datafiles.