Gold is a Resource in


  • Gold can be obtained through the following methods:
  • Gold is displayed on the right side of the Player's screen. The more Gold the player earns, the higher the number will be.
  • The top ten players in a server with the most Gold are displayed on the Leaderboard.
  • The only use for Gold is for purchasing items in the Store, such as Hats and Accessories, which are the only things you keep after you die.
  • Once you die, you lose all your gold.
  • This is represented by: Gold


  • It's a good idea to save Gold until the player has enough to buy the more useful Hats.
  • Build Faster Windmills or Power Mills to get a speedy and unending supply of Gold (until they are destroyed).
  • Use Gold as soon as you have enough for what you want since it resets when you die.
  • Use Mc Grabby to steal 250 gold from players


  • Gold is the only resource in the game that has been removed at some point.
  • Gold is generally accepted as the way a player measures his or her success in the game.
  • Although officially changed to "Gold", in the source code it is still called "Points"


Gold has technically been in the game since the start, though it used to be called Points. Version 0.20 renamed Points to Gold, but later it was secretly removed. Gold was added back in the game in version 0.28. Since then, the methods of obtaining Gold have changed, but Gold itself remains the same.

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