Gold is a Resource in


  • Gold can be obtained through the following methods:
  • Gold is displayed on the right side of the Player's screen. The more Gold the player earns, the higher the number will be.
  • The top ten players in a server with the most Gold are displayed on the Leaderboard.
  • The only use for Gold is for purchasing items in the Store, such as Hats and Accessories, which are the only things you keep after you die.
  • Once you die, you lose all your gold.
  • This is represented by: Gold


  • It's a good idea to save Gold until the player has enough to buy the more useful Hats.
  • Build Faster Windmills or Power Mills to get a speedy and unending supply of Gold (until they are destroyed).
  • Use Gold as soon as you have enough for what you want since it resets when you die.
  • Use Mc Grabby to steal 250 gold from players


  • Gold is the only resource in the game that has been removed at some point.
  • Gold is generally accepted as the way a player measures his or her success in the game.
  • Although officially changed to "Gold", in the source code it is still called "Points"


  • 0.28 - Added Gold back to game
  • Secret Update - Removed Gold
  • 0.2 - Renamed Points to Gold
  • Gold has technically been in the game since the start
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