The Gold Mine is a Natural Structure in


  • The Gold Mine produces Gold when the Player hits it with a Melee Weapon. Depending on the weapon used, it produces different amounts of Gold. Amounts are as follows.
Stick Great Axe Hand Axe Mc Grabby All Others
Gold 11 8 6 4 5
  • The Gold Mine generates in all Biomes except the River.


Gold Mines were added in version 0.21. At the time, Sidney deVries called them "Gold Ores." Gold Ores only produced one Gold per hit. At some point in between version 0.21 and 0.28, Gold Mines were temporarily removed, only to be added back in version 0.28. Finally, 0.35 made it so Gold Mines gave more Gold. This was the first time Sidney called the Gold Ore "Gold Mine."