Gold Weapons are a new feature added in in Version 0.82. They do 10% more damage (after version 0.83) and colors the Weapons gold. Gold weapons will be rewarded to the player if they get 5,000 resources while holding the weapon/tool. In version 0.84 the 10% increased damage rounds normally instead of down, for those that are not a multiple of 10. In version 0.891, their requirement was reduced from 10,000 to 5,000 resources and then to 3,000 resources. The arrival of Diamond Weapons (And Ruby later on.) made Gold Weapons much less viable.

How to get Gold Weapons

You must obtain a total of 3,000 resources (You don't have to currently have 3k resources, Ex. you could have eaten 1k food then you farmed 2k food and got the gold weapon) while you have the weapon in your hand. The gold you get from killing players doesn't count, but Wood, Food, Stone, and gold from a Gold Mine do.

Turret and spike mob kills count towards a gold tool, as long as you have the tool in your hand when the mob dies. This can be used to gain the golden variants of bows or the shield.

The Plague Mask's Poison killing an animal counts towards the gold tool too, but it's pretty hard to switch in last moment to get Shield in that way, so it is recommended to pit trap and spike/turret animals.

The resources that count toward getting gold weapons are as follows: All Mined Resources, Food from killing animals, and resources from destroying structures. The ones that don't count are Gold from killing players and Gold from killing Mobs.

List of Gold Weapons

Name Appearance Damage How To Get
Tool Hammer

(Gold Variant)

Hammer 1 G
28 You Must Obtain A Total Of 3,000 Resources...

Incredibly Annoying To Get

Short Sword

(Gold Variant)

Sword 1 G
39 You Must Obtain A Total Of 3,000 Resources


(Gold Variant)

Samurai 1 g-0
44 You Must Obtain A Total Of 3,000 Resources

Hand Axe

(Gold Variant)

Axe 1 g
33 You Must Obtain A Total Of 3,000 Resources
Great Axe

(Gold Variant)

Great axe 1 g
39 You Must OA Total Of 3,000 Resources
Hunting Bow

(Gold Variant)

Bow 1 g
25 You Must Obtain A Total 3k Of Food by Killing Animals


(Gold Variant)

Crossbow 1 g
35 You Must Obtain A Total 3k Of Food by Killing Animals
Arrow (Gold Variant)
Arrow 2
??? A Projectile Possibly intended for the Gold Hunting Bow/Crossbow but remains unimplemented.
Great Hammer

(Gold Variant)

Great hammer 1 g
33 You Must Obtain A Total Of 3k resources

Wooden Shield

(Gold Variant)

Shield 1 g
0 You Must Obtain A Total 3k Of Food Killing Animals With Spikes or Turrets... Very annoying to get

Repeater Crossbow (Gold Variant)

Crossbow 2 G

Golden Repeater Crossbow

35 You must obtain a total of 3K food killing animals with spikes or turrets... very annoying to get


(Gold Variant)

Spear 1 g-0
50 You Must obtain a total of 3k resources of any kind. Difficult due to its slow resource gathering speed.


(Gold Variant)

Bat 1 g-0
22 Obtain 3k resources, not too hard to get.


(Gold Variant)

Stick 1 G
1 Obtain 3,000 resources. Easy to get due to its fast resource gathering, but cannot easily destroy structures to obtain.


Hammer 1Hammer 1 GHammer 1 DHammer 1 RHammer 1 E Tool Hammer Hammer 1 EHammer 1 RHammer 1 DHammer 1 GHammer 1Sword 1Sword 1 GSword 1 DSword 1 R Short Sword Sword 1 RSword 1 DSword 1 GSword 1

Samurai 1Samurai 1 GSamurai 1 DSamurai 1 R Katana Samurai 1 RSamurai 1 DSamurai 1 GSamurai 1Axe 1Axe 1 GAxe 1 DAxe 1 R Hand Axe Axe 1 RAxe 1 DAxe 1 GAxe 1

Great Axe 1Great Axe 1 GGreat Axe 1 DGreat Axe 1 R Great Axe Great Axe 1 RGreat Axe 1 DGreat Axe 1 GGreat Axe 1Spear 1Spear 1 GSpear 1 DSpear 1 R Polearm Spear 1 RSpear 1 DSpear 1 GSpear 1

Bat 1Bat 1 GBat 1 DBat 1 RBat 1 E Bat Bat 1 EBat 1 RBat 1 DBat 1 GBat 1Dagger 1Dagger 1 GDagger 1 DDagger 1 R Daggers Dagger 1 RDagger 1 DDagger 1 GDagger 1

Stick 1Stick 1 GStick 1 DStick 1 RStick 1 E Stick Stick 1 EStick 1 RStick 1 DStick 1 GStick 1

Bow 1Bow 1 GBow 1 RBow 1 E Hunting Bow Bow 1 EBow 1 RBow 1 GBow 1Crossbow 1Crossbow 1 GCrossbow 1 DCrossbow 1 R Crossbow Crossbow 1 RCrossbow 1 DCrossbow 1 GCrossbow 1

Crossbow 2Crossbow 2 GCrossbow 2 DCrossbow 2 RCrossbow 2 E Repeater Crossbow Crossbow 2 ECrossbow 2 RCrossbow 2 DCrossbow 2 GCrossbow 2Musket 1 Musket Musket 1

Shield 1Shield 1 GShield 1 DShield 1 RShield 1 E Wooden Shield Shield 1 EShield 1 RShield 1 DShield 1 GShield 1Shield 2 Stone Shield (Removed) Shield 2

Great Hammer 1Great Hammer 1 GGreat Hammer 1 DGreat Hammer 1 RGreat Hammer 1 E Great Hammer Great Hammer 1 EGreat Hammer 1 RGreat Hammer 1 DGreat Hammer 1 GGreat Hammer 1Grab 1Grab 1 GGrab 1 DGrab 1 RGrab 1 E Mc Grabby Grab 1 EGrab 1 RGrab 1 DGrab 1 GGrab 1

Shotgun 1 Shotgun Shotgun 1