"standing on it will slowly heal you"

The Healing Pad is a Structure in


  • Healing Pad can be acquired at age seven instead of the Turret, Platform, Castle Wall, Power Mill, and Blocker .
  • Healing Pad heals you 15 HP per second upon standing on it.
  • Each player can place a maximum of four pads.


  • Place healing pads in your base to slowly heal 15 points if you are low on food and need to get some or, you just don't feel like eating to conserve food.
  • Keep them protected so your healing source won't be broken by enemy players.
  • Put them in a group of four so players can easily stand on them.
  • When building a base, place all 4 then kill yourself. When you respawn, choose platforms, place the maximum amount of them and do the same with turrets.


  • It is one of four structures that can be directly stood on, the other two being the spawn pad, the boost pad, and the platform. (Although, the boost pad pushes you off upon standing on it
  • It is the only building that heals when touched by you or your teammates.
  • It's the only building that costs food.


  • 1.0 Buffed Healing Pad
    • Now heals 15 health per second versus the old 12.
  • 0.85 Buffed Healing Pad
    • Increased Health per Second by 7 (from 5 to 12)
  • 0.84 Added Healing Pad
    • Heals 5 health points per second
    • Costs 30 Wood and 10 Food.