MOOSTAFA is a Hostile Mob and the first Boss in It spawns in its own special arena in the Desert Biome.


MOOSTAFA in battle.


  • Has 18,000 Health
  • It deals the lowest damage to structures of any boss.
  • Deals 40 damage per hit.
  • Deals 100 Damage Spikes, Walls and Boost/Healing Pads on contact.
  • Swings at most once every second
  • Immune to Pit Traps.
  • It is affected by poison.
  • Always spawns in the center of the desert in a ring of Mines.
  • Gives 8,000 Gold and 100 Food to its killer.
  • Respawns 1 Minute after you defeat it.


  • Using Daggers against MOOSTAFA is a risky bet, as it has the lowest range of any weapon, along with the Tool Hammer.
    • However, if you rush in, land a few hits, then go out, you can do theoretically infinite damage without taking any, if you get the timing right.
    • Also, each attack it does will only cost you a single Cookie, so being hit isn't too bad.
  • The Polearm and the Bat are less effective, due to their low DPS.
    • They are very effective, however, for herding MOOSTAFA into one location, due to their powerful knockback.
    • With the Polearm, you can go to the MOOSTAFA's arena and hit him through the stone when he can't hit you. The Katana can also do this.
  • Try taking it down in teams. Always have at least one partner, to be cautious.
    • Or if you are skilled enough, you can simply just solo it.
  • Keep enemies away from MOOSTAFA. Don't let them steal your kill.
  • Stay away from MOOSTAFA's giant axe. A good way to do this is with a Ranged Weapon, though these do tend to be weaker and make you slower.
  • When MOOSTAFA is preparing to attack, it will rapidly rotate to take aim, pause for a short time, then charge at its target while swinging its axe. Learn these signs so that you can dodge his attacks.
  • The easiest way to beat MOOSTAFA is to get a cactus between you and it. MOOSTAFA will repeatedly run into it, and when MOOSTAFA's health is low enough, you can finish it off with your own weapon.
  • Another way to beat MOOSTAFA, especially when there are no nearby cacti, is to get it at a mine and hit it with a long range weapon while avoiding its rushes and maneuvering around the mine to keep MOOSTAFA approximately opposite from you.
  • Try leading MOOSTAFA into the entrance to the arena. At some angles, you can hit him with a sword but he can't hit you.
    • To get him into the entrance, use Walls to push him back. Alternatively, you can use Spikes, as they have powerful knockback, but will be damaged by contact.



  • 1.6.4
    • Reduced Gold to 8,000 (-2,000, Secret Update)
  • 1.1
    • Added Treasure and MOOFIE to the arena.
    • Buffed Health from 10,000 to 18,000 (+8,000)
    • Nerfed Speed from ??? to 0.0007
    • Added 60 Second Spawn Delay (Allows people to leave arena)
    • It can now break Walls
    • The Gold increased from 3,000 to 10,000 (+7,000)
    • Made AI Better
    • Turrets can now attack it
  • 1.0
    • Added


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