The Medic Gear is a buyable Hat.


  • The Medic Gear restores 3 health points per second to the Player wearing it.
  • The Medic Gear costs 5000 Gold.



  • Pair with the Angel Wings in order to heal 6 health points per second.
  • Combining the Angel Wings, Medic Gear, and Wooden Shield will make players virtually invincible as it will usually heal before another hit. The exceptions would be when the Player takes more than 35 damage points all at a time.
  • The Medic Gear can also be a good way to heal yourself if you run out of Food.


  • Using Structures can deal so much damage at a time that the Medic Gear is virtually useless.
  • High DPS weapons like Daggers and the Katana can be effective against a Medic Gear user.


The Honeycrisp Hat was added to in version 0.25. At the time it had no effect. This was changed, however in version 0.28, which allowed it to heal the player that was wearing it. Version 0.32 buffed the Honeycrisp Hat's health regen abilities, and it was buffed again in version 0.33, and again in version 0.48. Version 0.68 secretly renamed the Honeycrisp Hat to the Medic Gear and changed its sprite. The two were functionally identical, but aesthetically different.