This is an article about the player-constructed structure and is not to be confused with the Stone Mine.

"allows you to mine stone"

The Mine is a Structure used to mine Stone.


  • The Mine costs 100 Stone and 20 Wood.
  • The player can only have 1 Stone Mine placed at a time.
  • The Mine can never be broken, but instead yields a set amount of stone per hit per Mine depending on the Weapon used.
  • The Mine will disappear automatically once the player who placed the mine leaves the game.
Weapon Stick Great Axe Hand Axe Other Melee Weapons Ranged Weapons/Shield
Stone 7 4 2 1 0


  • Try placing the Stone Mine somewhere that you can hit multiple Resources at once.
  • Since it is invincible, the mine can also be used as a barricade, or as the cornerstone of your Wall.
  • In the experimental servers, the Mine is very useful as a building structure and can serve as an unbreakable fort wall, blocking you from the outside and invaders from you.
  • A sneaky tactic in the experimental server is to join a team, build a cage of mines, then bring tribe members over and ask them to put something into the room that you didn't pick, then while they put that in, you place a mine to block them from the exit.
  • You could also open multiple tabs to make a trap out of mines, place a Boost Pad next to it and if an enemy steps on it, he will be trapped forever and won't be able to escape. Then keep hitting him until he runs out of food.


The Mine was added to the game in version 0.17. At the time it could be destroyed. Destroying it would not reward any resources, but each hit would give a set amount of Stone, eventually causing it to refund itself. The only way to gain more stone that was used to create it at the time was to use the Great Axe to destroy it, producing 2x as much stone per hit. At some point, the Mine was changed to behave the way it does today, but this time is not specified in the changelog.