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The Minimap is a navigation feature that functions as a map for the Player to use for travel. If the Player is in a Tribe, the Minimap will show the location of their teammates. A white dot represents the Player, while their teammates are marked in a darker, less noticeable gray. Biomes, Mobs, and resource nodes like Trees, Cacti, Stone, and Bushes cannot be seen on the Minimap.

The Minimap is often used by newer Players to follow the King of the Tribe, and slay him unnoticed. This issue has been debated on the Subreddit and Discord.

Main Features/Markers

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  • You can ping the map by pressing R or clicking the minimap for everyone in your tribe to see a signal to come to you, revealing a pulsating circle around your player marker
  • The bright white dot on the map is where your location is
  • The lighter gray dots on the map are teammates
  • A Marker can be placed on the map by pressing C. The marker will be in the shape of a white X
  • The place of your last death will be marked with a red X