"no effect"

The Monkey Head is a free Hat in


  • The Monkey Head is Free.
  • The Monkey Head has no effect.


  • Have everyone on your team wear this hat so you can all look the same.
  • Wear this hat if you like Monkeys.
  • Combine with Monkey Tail to look a lot like a monkey.


  • An Accessory in called the Monkey Tail is meant to be paired with this hat.
  • The Monkey Head is one of the only Animal Hat that does not have an animal variant either in-game or in the Game Files (others are Polar Head and Bear Head).


The Monkey Head was added in version 0.85. At the time, its description was "Monkey Noises". This was soon changed, however, in a secret update in between version 0.87 and 0.88. Its current description is "no effect."