"Super speed but reduced damage"

The Monkey Tail is an Accessory in


  • The Monkey Tail increases Movement Speed by 35%.
  • The Monkey Tail reduces melee damage by 80%.
  • It also costs 2000 Gold .



  • Wear the Monkey Tail if you like running away. Avoid using the Monkey Tail in melee combat.
  • Try pairing with the Booster Hat for blistering speed.
  • You can use the Monkey Tail to find animals very fast to trap and kill them, getting huge amounts of gold and food.
  • While close combat damage is significantly reduced, ranged attacks do not suffer from it (As the projectile has the coded damage value, not the ranged weapon), and thus using a Crossbow is effective because of your super speed.
  • You can use the Turret Gear so you can run around keeping enemies away, this is also good to use with a Repeater Crossbow (and Bat, as an optional, to keep them at bay)!
  • Pair with Booster Hat and Daggers to get the fastest combination!
  • Try daggers and repeater crossbow. Use daggers to move around fast, and use your repeater crossbow as the weapon, as ranged damage isn't reduced.


  • Don't worry about being hit; even if your opponent has Bull Helmet and Diamond Polearm, they still deal only 15.93 damage.
  • Focus on hitting the player rather than healing.
  • Pit Traps can help, as when your opponent zooms around, they're bound to fall in one.


  • There is a similar hat, called the Monkey Head, which goes well with this accessory.


  • 1.6.4 - Decreased Speed from +40% to +35%.
  • 1.0 - Increased damage reduction from 70% to 80%, and decreased speed from +60% to +40% (Secret Update)
  • 0.9 - Cut Melee damage by 70%, and increased speed by 60%.
  • 0.72 - Added, has no effect.


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