This is a historical feature that has been removed from the game. As such, it is no longer found in-game.

The Musket was a weapon added in Version 0.85 and removed in 0.897, being replaced by the Repeater Crossbow. It started as an Age 10 item, but by the end of its life, it was an Age 9 item.


  • The Musket was available at Age 9 only if the player had chosen the Crossbow earlier.
  • Bullets fired from the Musket dealt 60 damage per shot.
  • Bullets fired from the Musket cost 5 Stone per shot.
  • The Musket reduced move speed by approximately 35%.
  • The Musket could fire a bullet once every second.
  • Bullets fired from the Musket could not travel over Structures unless the player uses Platforms. The exceptions being Pit Traps and Pads, which can be fired over no matter what, and Windmills, Trees, Bushes, and Cacti, which are presumably too tall to shoot over.
  • When the Musket was used to gather 5,000 Resources, it will turn into the Gold Musket.
    • Due to the fact that there is no Gold sprite, the Gold Musket will appear invisible.
    • The Diamond Musket is invisible as well, and since the Gold and Diamond variants do not change the way the Musket behaves, the Diamond Musket technically does not exist as it remains the same as the Gold Musket.
    • It is the only weapon, along with the Stone Shield and the Diamond Hunting Bow that appeared invisible when reaching its superior variants, that didn't have their files added later.
    • The only resource that could be gathered by the Musket was Food, obtained by killing Mobs.
      • It was also possible to obtain Wood by destroying Wood Walls, as Wood Walls may be destroyed by bullets. This was highly inefficient, however.
      • The musket has a huge knockback, making it harder to run towards someone while shooting.


  • The Musketeer Hat reduced the cost of Musket shot (3 stone instead of 5) and was thus an eligible option.
  • If timed correctly, 2 Muskets could instantly kill a player due to their high damage.
  • Due to its speed and fast Resource gathering rate, the Hand Axe was strong combined with the Musket.
  • If you wanted an offensive boost, the Short Sword was also strong with the Musket. However, you would have to keep in mind that upgrading ages and gathering resources will be slower. In addition, the movement speed with the Short Sword would decrease.
  • The Musket could be paired up with another player's Wooden Shield, which would keep the player with the musket safe.
  • The musket has huge knockback, so if someone is on the opposite side of the river pushing against the side of the map, continuously fire the musket.
  • Try to stay a safe distance away from your target in case they have a bow/short sword or an upgrade of it as the reload is very slow and makes the player move very slow.

Gold Variant

Damgold musket texture dosnt exist yet
The Golden Musket, a golden version of the now-removed Musket (replaced by the Repeater Crossbow), is very difficult to get and is actually invisible instead of golden. This is unique among all the golden weapons.

Diamond Variant

The Diamond Musket is the diamond version of normal/gold Musket. It deals the same damage as the normal/gold Musket to everything. Like Bow, it doesn't have textures. (Gold Musket also doesn't have a texture) The bad thing about the diamond musket is that you never know when you've switched from gold musket to diamond musket because they are both invisible.


  • The Gold and Diamond Muskets are invisible.
  • For a long time, the Greater Spikes were required to obtain the Musket.
  • Throughout MooMoo History, weapons have been buffed, nerfed, had their sprite changed and been moved back an age and replaced. But never has any weapon actually been removed. Until the Musket.
  • The musket is by far, one of the most requested removed feature to be brought back.


Version Date Change
0.85 5.08.17 Musket added to the game
0.86 14.08.17 Musket move speed decreased and damage decreased to 45
0.87 16.08.17 Musket damage increased to 50, move speed and fire rate heavily decreased
0.88 11.09.17 Musket move speed increased and damage increased to 60.
0.897 18/12/17 Musket removed from the game and replaced by Repeater Crossbow.



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