The Pig is a Passive Mob in


  • The Pig yields 80 Food and 200 Gold when killed.
  • The Pig spawns in all biomes on the map.
  • The Pig has the exact same PathFinding Script as the Cow, only it moves slower.
  • The Pig has a currently unknown Health, but it is greater than that of the Cow and less than that of the Bull.
  • Possible Pig Names are as follows:
    • Helena
    • Nathan
    • Dexter
    • Bacon
    • Porky


  • Try Trapping the Pig, and then killing it.
  • Due to the Pig's poor pathfinding AI, it is possible to pin the pig against a Wall or the end of the world so that it cannot escape.


  • The pig was the second animal to be added to the game.
  • The Pig is the slowest of all Mobs.


Pigs were added in version 0.72, and any changes since its release have not been documented.

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