"melee attacks deal poison damage"

The Plague Mask is a Buyable Hat that costs 10,000 Gold.


  • If you hit anyone with a Melee Weapon while wearing this, they will be affected by Poison for 6 Sec. (formerly 5), dealing 5 damage every second on the player (for a total of 30). The counter for the poison effect is the Anti Venom Gear.
  • The Plague Mask costs 10000 Gold.


  • The Plague Mask is good for swift kills and even when the player who’s being attacked uses a Cookie (a type of food that heals 40 HP) to heal during the effect of the poison, the poison will still continue to affect the player.
  • Use the Polearm with this hat for a easy kill
  • Try to not use this hat when going against Anti Venom Gear wearers (no one wears it so its not likely)
  • This hat is highly effective against autohealers, as it practically wastes their food.


The plague mask was added in version 0.59.