The Poison Spike is an upgrade of the Greater Spike available at age 9. They are the only structure in the game capable of poisoning Players.


  • The Poison Spikes deal 35 damage points on contact. They also inflict the Poison Effect, which takes away 5 health points every second for 5 seconds, making a total of 25 additional damage done over time.
    • Note that the poison does not affect players using the Plague Mask, but initial contact with the poison spike will still deal 35 damage.
  • Contact with the Poison Spikes will also result in a knockback effect on the player unless the player is trapped in a Pit Trap.
  • Spikes do not affect the player who placed them or his team-mates, though they are still solid structures and may not be walked through.
  • Poison Spikes cost 15 Stone and 35 Wood.
  • The limit on Poison Spikes is 15.


  • Use Poison Spikes as you would use normal Spikes.
  • Poison Spikes deal more damage than Spinning Spikes over time, but only through Poison. Depending on your application, Spinning Spikes may sometimes be more effective than Poison Spikes.
  • Poison spikes are good on cookie spammers because they will eat up a cookie just to heal five health.


  • Poison Spikes were the first ever upgrade to Greater Spikes.
  • Poison Spikes reduce initial damage compared to the Greater Spikes but make up for it in Poison.
  • Poison Spikes are the only Spikes that have never been changed since they were added.


Poison Spikes were added in version 0.85, and have never been changed.