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"long range melee weapon"

The Polearm is an offensive weapon added in Mini Update 0.894. It has the longest range and highest attack power of any Primary Weapon, but it also has the slowest attack and movement speed.


  • The Polearm deals 45 damage.
  • The Polearm is unlocked at age 2 as an alternative to the Short Sword and Hand Axe.
  • The Polearm reduces move speed by approximately 18%.
  • The Polearm's attack speed is slower than the Hand Axe, 0.7 compared to 0.4.
  • The Polearm has a knockback similar to that of the Spike.
  • Using the Polearm to gather 5,000 Resources will cause it to become the Gold Polearm. Likewise, gathering 10,000 resources with it will turn it into the Diamond Polearm.
  • Polearms are good for killing Ducks, as long as you have them cornered.


  • Make every hit count, as the Polearm attacks slower than any other melee weapon and you may never get another chance if you miss one.
  • Use the weapon's knockback to keep faster opponents at a distance.
  • Try trapping your prey first, then use the polearm's long range to quickly dispatch them.
  • Pair with the Shadow Wings and Booster Hat to negate its crippling speed.
  • Use the Samurai Armor to attack enemies 2x as fast.
  • Due to its slow attack speed, the Polearm is the least efficient resource gathering tool in the game. This can be resolved, however, by pairing with the Great Hammer and using it to gather resources at a more normal rate.
  • Try using the Polearm with the Repeater Crossbow, this will give you a powerful, slow weapon, and a fast weak weapon.
  • The Polearm can be used with the Bull Helmet. This way, you can get the most damage. It's especially powerful when also paired with the Crossbow.


  • The Polearm was originally an unreleased weapon found in the game's data files, lending credence to the theory that the Shotgun, Bat, and the Shield 2 will one day be implemented.
    • It may eventually upgrade into the Bat. (No Proof, just a Theory)
  • It is the strongest Melee weapon in the game.
  • The Polearm is usually called the Spear by Sidney de Vries and the datafiles.
  • The Polearm is unique in that it is a fully functioning melee weapon right from the moment it is obtained, and it does not need to be sacrificed in order to obtain the Repeater Crossbow like the Katana does.


  • Screenshot 2017-12-02 at 09.37.11

    Diamond Spear before sprite was added.

0.896: Nerfed Polearm. Attack speed nerfed to 0.7 seconds and movement speed nerfed to 82%. Added diamond spear sprite

  • 0895: Attack rate nerfed to 0.6 seconds.
  • 0.894: Added Polearm



Primary (Basic Variants)
Hammer 1 Tool Hammer Hammer 1Sword 1 Short Sword Sword 1Samurai 1 Katana Samurai 1

Axe 1 Hand Axe Axe 1Great Axe 1 Great Axe Great Axe 1Spear 1 Polearm Spear 1

Primary (Gold Variants)
Hammer 1 G Tool Hammer Hammer 1 GSword 1 G Short Sword Sword 1 GSamurai 1 G Katana Samurai 1 G

Axe 1 G Hand Axe Axe 1 GGreat Axe 1 G Great Axe Great Axe 1 GSpear 1 G Polearm Spear 1 G

Primary (Diamond Variants)
Hammer 1 D Tool Hammer Hammer 1 DSword 1 D Short Sword Sword 1 DSamurai 1 D Katana Samurai 1 D

Axe 1 D Hand Axe Axe 1 DGreat Axe 1 D Great Axe Great Axe 1 DSpear 1 D Polearm Spear 1 D

Secondary (Basic Variants)
Bow 1 Hunting Bow Bow 1Crossbow 1 Crossbow Crossbow 1Crossbow 2 Repeater Crossbow Crossbow 2

Musket 1 Musket Musket 1Shield 1 Wooden Shield Shield 1Great Hammer 1 Great Hammer Great Hammer 1

Secondary (Gold Variants)
Bow 1 G Hunting Bow Bow 1 GCrossbow 1 G Crossbow Crossbow 1 GCrossbow 2 G Repeater Crossbow Crossbow 2 G

Musket 1 Musket Musket 1Shield 1 G Wooden Shield Shield 1 GGreat Hammer 1 G Great Hammer Great Hammer 1 G

Secondary (Diamond Variants)
Bow 1 G Hunting Bow Bow 1 GCrossbow 1 D Crossbow Crossbow 1 DCrossbow 2 D Repeater Crossbow Crossbow 2 D

Musket 1 Musket Musket 1Shield 1 D Wooden Shield Shield 1 DGreat Hammer 1 D Great Hammer Great Hammer 1 D

Unreleased (Basic Variants)
Bat 1 Bat Bat 1Shotgun 1 Shotgun Shotgun 1Shield 2 Shield 2 Shield 2
Unreleased (Gold Variants)
Bat 1 G Bat Bat 1 GShotgun 1 Shotgun Shotgun 1Shield 2 Shield 2 Shield 2
Unreleased (Diamond Variants)
Bat 1 G Bat Bat 1 GShotgun 1 Shotgun Shotgun 1Shield 2 Shield 2 Shield 2