"high firerate crossbow with reduced damage"

The Repeater Crossbow is a long-range weapon achieved at Age 9.


  • Arrows fired from the Repeater Crossbow cost 10 Wood each.
  • The Repeater Crossbow fires one arrow every 0.3 seconds.
  • The Repeater Crossbow reduces speed by 30%.
  • Arrows fired from the Repeater Crossbow deal 30 damage each.
  • Using the Repeater Crossbow to gather 5,000 Resources will turn it into the Gold Repeater Crossbow. Likewise, gathering 10,000 resources with it will turn it into the Diamond Repeater Crossbow.
    • This is only possible by gathering Food from killing Mobs, or by gathering Wood through the destruction of Wood Walls.
    • Note that the game attributes any resources obtained while the player was holding the Repeater Crossbow to the Repeater Crossbow, even if the Repeater Crossbow was not used. This allows Players to obtain food 'with' their repeater bow by killing Mobs with a Spikes.


  • The repeater crossbow consumes wood faster than any other weapon. Make sure you have lots of it.
    • Usage of the Musketeer Hat can reduce the cost, and allow for better performance.
  • It may help to pair it with the Hand Axe, as the Hand Axe can gather the much needed wood very fast.
  • Obtaining Gold/Diamond Weapons can be achieved at low cost by trapping mobs in a Pit Trap, weakening it with your Primary Weapon, and finishing it with the Repeater Crossbow.
  • Try trapping enemy players, then shoot them with the Repeater Crossbow. It shoots so fast they might not have time to eat.
    • The more players that shoot at the enemy the more damage will be dealt.
  • Use to keep spikers at bay.


  • It replaced the Musket.
  • It is one of 2 weapons to have a 2 after it's name. The other being the Shield 2.


  • 0.9
    • Increased Damage from 25 to 30
    • Introduced bug where Repeater Crossbow could not be obtained when using the Bat or Daggers.
  • 0.897
    • Replaced musket.



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