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The River Biome is a narrow strip of water that divides into two parts.


  • The River is mostly colored blue representing water with two rows of grid squares along the edges tan representing sand.
  • It stretches from the west to east edges of the map.
  • The River is 14 grid squares wide, with the outer two used as a beach. It makes up about 6% of the Map. (Some may argue that the beach is a separate biome)
  • The River has a constant rightward current.
    • The Beach has no current, and behaves as normal land. The River can be seen rising and falling to envelop the beach, but this is just aesthetic and has no effect on the actual beach.
  • Stone is the only natural structure found in the River, with Stone Mines sometimes spawning and even creating traps for Mobs.
  • The Platform is the only structure that can be placed on the river and Players are not affected by the current while on top of it, making it useful for making bridges across the River.
  • The current can only be battled by the Flipper Hat, which allows the player to move (slower than normal) against the current.


  • Since most players and mobs will be unable to resist the River's current, many players build traps at the end of the river in order to make easy money.
  • You may wish to construct a bridge out of platforms to make crossing the river easy.
    • It will be necessary to guard this, however, as it will be a target for many enemies.

Use the flipper hat in order to easily navigate through current.


  • The River was added in Update 0.79, on 11/06/2017.
  • Turrets, in version 0.85, could be placed in the River. In the next update, the bug was found and removed.
    • The Bug Returned as part of the 0.895 Update, but was patched again in 0.896