The Samurai Armor is a Hat.


The Samurai Armor is meant to resemble the armour of a traditional Samurai. It has a Golden Star near the front as a unique decoration.


  • The Samurai Armor reduces attack cooldown by 22% for the wearer -> ~30% More attacks in per second.



  • Very powerful and looks appropriate when combined with the Katana, but can also be used to rid of the crippling slow attack speed of the Great Axe so it attacks faster than the Short Sword.
  • Allows for very fast resource gathering with the Stick.
  • Also works well with Ranged Weapons, turning them into machine-gun-type weapons. Is especially powerful with the Repeater Crossbow.
  • Use the auto-hit feature (pressing E) in order to get the most out of this hat.
  • Use with Daggers to swing extremely fast.


  • Use the Soldier Helmet to reduce the damage.
  • If your opponent is using this hat along with a Ranged Weapon, use the Wooden Shield to completely negate the damage.


  • 0.75 - Nerfed Samurai Helmet a bit.
  • 0.41 - Buffed Samurai Helmet attack speed.
  • Unknown - added.