"allows you to farm wood"

The Sapling is a Structure in


  • The Sapling is indestructible by any means.
  • The Sapling costs 150 Wood.
  • The limit of Saplings is two.
  • When struck, the Sapling yields the same amount of wood as if it were a Tree.


  • Saplings are very useful in the Desert Biome, as there are no naturally occurring trees there.
  • Try to place the Sapling in a place where you can hit it and some other Natural Structures as well, like in between a Stone Mine and a Bush.
  • Be careful about where you place it because if you mess up you can't remove it unless you leave the game.
  • You can place two saplings on either side of the river at the bottom, so mobs that float downstream will be stuck. Combined with the Turret, and you have an added Gold farm. Be careful though, as players may come along and destroy the turrets.


  • The Sapling resembles a small version of the tree.
  • Even though the tree looks big, the tree only takes up about the same space as a mine, but can be collected with the surface area.


The Sapling was added in version 1.0.