"earn double points for each kill"

Scavenger Gear is a hat that doubles the gold earned by killing players.


  • Killing other players will yield twice the normal gold reward, which can rack up money over time.
  • It is recommended that you have Katana or Sword with this, as Polearm (spear) is very slow, and axes give lots of speed
  • Killing mobs will not double your gold
  • One problem with is that it gives you no fighting advantage


  • Whilst fighting players, it is useful to have one of the 5 accessories that help, like Shadow Wings, to give you a good edge.
  • Rushing at a player with tough hats and weapons can be the best option. Just trap them, and do the Circle of Death


  • 0.87 Changed Sprite
  • 0.86 Claimed to change the sprite
  • (Unknown Date) Added