"earn double points for each kill"

Scavenger Gear is a hat that doubles the gold earned by killing players.


  • Killing other players will yield twice the normal gold reward, which can rack up money over time. It is recommended that you have katana or sword with this, as polearm (spear) is highly slow, and axes give wonderful speed, but they do minimal damage and have the worst range. Killing mobs will not double your gold. One problem with is that it gives you no fighting advantage, which is rather sad, especially against tough players with hats like Bushido Armor.


  • Whilst fighting players, it is useful to have one of the 5 accessories that help, like Shadow Wings, to give you a good edge.
  • Rushing at a player with tough hats and weapons can be the best option. Just trap them, and do the Spike Surround.


  • 0.87 Changed Sprite
  • 0.86 Claimed to change the sprite
  • (Unknown Date) Added