The Shadow Wings are an Accessory in


The Shadow Wings resemble the Angel Wings but are dark colored.


  • The Shadow Wings increase move speed by 10%.


  • Combine with the Booster Hat and the Daggers to move faster than any other combination that retains all of its attack power. (Monkey Tail is faster, but cuts attack damage)
  • Use to compensate for the Katana's slowness.
  • Use your speed to charge enemies, try to catch them by surprise.
  • Use your speed to close the distance between you and your opponent and get the first hit in if your weapon has a lower range than your opponent's weapon.
  • Try combining with Ranged Weapons so you can excel at chasing down your enemies.
  • If you have short ranged weapons like an Axe and you're up against an enemy with a Katana, it is possible that you can run away.


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