"Greater damage but, slower attack speed"


The Short Sword sports a brown handle with a gray hilt and blade.


  • The Short Sword is unlocked at Age 2 as an alternative to the Hand Axe.
  • The Short Sword reduces move speed by 15%.
  • The Short Sword has an attack damage of 35.
  • The Short Sword's attack speed is 300 (300 Millisecond, or 0.3 Second Delay).
  • The Short Sword has the third longest range in the game.
  • The Short Sword will turn into the Gold Short Sword when it has been used to gather 3,000 Resources and will turn into the Diamond Short Sword when it has gathered 7,000 resources.


  • The Short Sword is a superior melee weapon not because of its power, but because of its range and attack speed. When battling opponents who have a shorter range then you, stay out of range of their weapon while chopping them with your weapon.
  • When battling players with the Katana, try to get the jump on him and land the first blow, staying close to him and negating his superior range. The outcome will be decided by whoever can eat the fastest.
  • When battling players with the Polearm, keep your distance until the enemy swings his weapon. Due to the Polearm's slow attack speed, you will be able to hit him twice before he is ready to hit you.
  • Pair with the Samurai Armor to attack ~30% faster.
  • Upgrade to the Katana as fast as possible, unless you intend to use the Crossbow or Repeater Crossbow.


Pre-37 short sword

The Short Sword before 0.37.

  • 0.41 Undid the change in 0.17
  • 0.37 Changed Sprite to the current one
  • 0.22 Undid damage increase from 0.16
  • 0.17 Buffed range by ???(From??? to ???)
  • 0.16 Nerfed Damage by ??? (45? to ???)
  • 0.15 Added Short Sword


  • The Sword in has an extremely similar design to this sword.
  • The Short Sword was the only sword in the game for 48 updates!



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