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This is an Unreleased Item, found in Game Files. It may be released at any time.

The Shotgun is a hidden weapon found in the game's data files. It has not currently been released.


  • Nothing is known as to how the Shotgun works. We only know that it shoots some kind of projectile. It might be similar to the projectile fired from the Musket, a weapon that was removed.
  • The fire rate, move speed and attack damage of this weapon are also unknown.
  • Another game by Sidney deVries,, has a similar weapon also called the Shotgun. Perhaps this means the Shotgun will not be implemented in MooMoo and was meant for, or perhaps it is further evidence that the two games are related and we can gather clues as to how the MooMoo shotgun will work from In, the shotgun fires three, low powered projectiles.
  • If the Shotgun is implemented, it will be a major part of the traditional pre-industrial revolution weapon technology that has had from the very beginning.
  • The Shotgun has no Gold or Diamond variant sprite.

Golden Variant

No Golden variant has been found in the Game Files. If it is added, it most likely would have no effect on how it functioned.

Diamond Variant

As with the Golden Variant, there is no diamond variant in the game files.


  • It was theorized that one day the Musket would upgrade to the Shotgun.
  • Many believe that the Shotgun was never meant for MooMoo, and was actually for
  • It may have been planned to use an unreleased projectile that deals 16 damage that is partially coded. This projectile is still coded.
  • The Shotgun's design is reminiscent to that of double-barreled shotguns.


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