"reduces damage taken but slows movement"

The Soldier Helmet is a Hat that reduces damage taken.


  • Reduces damage taken by 25%.
  • Slows movement speed by 6%.
  • Costs 4000 Gold.


  • Pair with the Wooden Shield to block 85% of damage taken in melee combat. (100% in ranged combat)
  • Pair with Shadow Wings to negate the slow movement speed.
  • Works best with the Katana, as the Katana allows for maximum DPS paired with a higher damage resistance.
  • Works well against the Polearm, reducing its high damage and taking away its biggest advantage.
  • Use it to outlast your opponent in battle.
  • With the Bat, you can be riot control and keep enemies away from teammates as they fire arrows!


The Soldier Helmet is thought to have been added in version 0.68 and underwent a sprite change in version 0.76. It was buffed from -20% damage to the current -25% damage in version 0.896. 0.896 also changed the Soldier Helmet to allow it to block projectile damage, before version 0.896, it only blocked melee damage.