"you will spawn here when you die but it will disappear"

The Spawn Pad is a Structure in that allows Players to respawn in the pad's location upon death. Doing so, however, will make the pad disappear, thereby forcing you to place a new one.


The Spawn Pad consists of a dark grey square with a blue circle in the middle. It takes a similar appearance to the Healing Pad.


  • Spawn Pads are available at Age 9.
  • Spawn Pads cost 100x Wood and 100x Stone each.
  • Spawn Pads have 400 HP.
  • Each player can only place down one Spawn Pad (except in Sandbox).
  • If a player places a spawn pad, the next time he dies he will respawn where he placed the spawn pad.
  • Spawn Pads disappear after the player who placed it dies so it is for one use only.
  • Spawn Pads are not solid and may be walked over without any trouble.
  • If a Spawn Pad is placed outside the world, the player who placed it will respawn inside the world next to where the Spawn Pad was after he dies.
  • The spawn pad is an alternative to the Musket, Poison Spikes, Spinning Spikes, and the Repeater Crossbow.



  • Placing the Spawn Pad inside your base is an extremely common and effective strategy, as it prevents you from having to make the long walk back to your base should you die. Be careful, though, because enemies can destroy your spawn pad or place spikes around it. Also, getting back to the age needed to place in another Spawn Pad after death is a long process.
  • Use Spawn Pads to acquire multiple items by first placing a spawn pad, killing yourself, then leveling up again and choosing different items every time you die.
  • Very effective, especially in Sandbox mode. When someone is attacking you, just place it down, so if they kill you, you can attack them again. That's if you have enough Windmills, of course.
  • Try placing somewhere near a good farming area.


  • These yield a tremendous amount of Resources, so destroying these is an alternative to Turret farming, especially in Sandbox.
  • When destroying a base that has a Spawn Pad, you can abstain from destroying it so that you can kill the person when he respawns on it.


  • The Spawn Pad is currently the only the structure that disappears after the player dies, though all structures disappear after the player quits.
  • Besides Blocker, this is the only Pad that doesn't do anything to you if you step on it.


The Spawn Pad was added in Version 0.88 as a structure that could be acquired at Age 10 no matter what items you chose before. This was quickly changed, however, as Version 0.89 moved it down to Age 9.