This is an article about the naturally occurring structure and is not to be confused with the Mine.

The Stone Mine is a Natural Structure. It yields Stone when hit.


  • The Stone Mine is naturally generated when the server is created.
  • It appears in every Biome, but most rarely in the Snow Biome and most frequently in the Desert Biome.
  • The Stone Mine yields a set amount of Stone per hit per Stone Mine hit.
  • You can have a personal one at Age 5, but if you place it in an area that you don't like or place by accident, you can't obtain it again.
Stick Great Axe Hand Axe Ranged Weapons, Wooden Shield, Mc Grabby Others
Stone 7 4 2 0 1
  • The Stone Mine is indestructible and obstructs the Player's path.
  • When hit, the Stone Mine will move slightly, then bounce back to its original position.


  • If you're in a clan, then you can tell everyone to get a stone mine to make an indestructible wall around your base
  • Don’t use stone mines for cover when raiding a base, turrets can shoot over these, unlike other resources.


  • The Stone Mine has a special Desert Biome variant that appears tinted light brown.


The Stone Mine has been in the game since the beginning.