"provides improved protection for your village"

The Stone Wall is an upgrade of the Wood Wall.


  • The Stone Wall is available at Age 3 as an alternative to the Cookie.
  • Stone Walls have approximately 900 health points, making it roughly 3 times more durable than a Wood Wall.
  • The Stone Wall costs 15 Stone points.
  • The limit of Stone Walls a player can place is 30.
  • Players and Mobs cannot move through the Stone Wall, nor can arrows or bullets.
  • Arrows and bullets have no effect on Stone Walls.
  • Turrets can still shoot through, if it's your own.


  • Use Stone Walls to build superior Bases and to protect Windmills.
  • Be aware that obtaining the Stone Walls will mean sacrificing the Cookie, decreasing your offensive abilities.


  • At one point in the game, Stone Walls replaced Wood Walls altogether. They were still, however available as an upgrade.
  • Stone Walls have been in the game since its launch.


Stone Walls were added to the game at its launch, in version 0.16, its health was buffed, and then again in version 0.36, and once more in 0.40. In 0.50, wall collisions were improved to be more precise. 0.52 increased the Wall limit to 20, and 0.88 increased it to 25. Finally, 0.891 increased the Wall limit again to the modern 30. Version 0.892 changed the item system and caused the glitch mentioned above in the Trivia section. Fortunately, this glitch was rapidly corrected in version 0.893.