"increase damage to buildings but slower movement"

The Tank Gear is a Hat in


  • The Tank Gear increases damage done to Structures by 230%.
  • The Tank Gear reduces the speed by 70%, making it unsuitable for combat.
  • The Tank Gear costs 15000 Gold.
  • Demolisher armor was replaced with Tank gear.



  • Since the Tank Gear greatly reduces your move speed, wait until the last moment before equipping it.
  • Use the Tank Gear to smash a hole in the enemy base, then switch to another hat and kill everyone.
  • Once all the enemies are gone, switch back to the Tank Gear to smash the rest of their base.
  • Try pairing with Shadow Wings to increase your movement speed.
  • In Experimental servers, use tank gear to farm gold weapons (by destroying multiple turrets at once)
  • Another strategy is to lure Players away from a base with another Hat as far as they will go without turning back and kill them, then go back to their base and destroy it with the tank gear hat. Even if they have a Spawn Pad, they will spawn at a low Age so you can kill them easily (only use this strategy if you are a very skilled player)
    • Or, make multiple holes in the enemies' base, they can't fix them all, and you can easily bust in. Leave traps as a present.
  • When in Pit Traps, equip the Tank Gear to destroy the trap. Also equip the Great Hammer to destroy the Pit Trap in two hits


  • Take advantage of this hat's crippling movement speed by darting around and getting quick hits in.
  • Try not to place too many structures.


  • The Tank Gear's description seems to contain a typo, saying "increase damage to structures" when the correct form is "increased damage to structures."
  • There is an Accessory that bears some resemblance to the Tank Gear, it is called the Troll Cape.
  • Pair it with a Troll Cape for cosplay.


The Tank Gear was added in version 0.86 and was quickly nerfed in version 0.87.