"tool for gathering all resources"

The Tool Hammer is the first Weapon in


  • It does 25 damage per hit and its hit speed is the same as the Short Sword and Katana. (0.3 seconds)
  • It also has quicker hit speed than Hand Axe.
  • Move speed with the Tool Hammer is considered normal, speed as it is the first weapon in the game and provides the first reference.
  • It also has a very short range, making it a better resource collecting tool than a killing weapon.
  • When the Tool Hammer has been used to gather 3,000 Resources, it will turn into the Gold Tool Hammer. Also, using it to gather 7,000 resources will turn it into the Diamond Tool Hammer.


  • The Tool Hammer is not so good for attacking players since it is weak and it really is one of the weakest items in the game.
  • Try to avoid combat and find a good place to farm resources.
  • You'll often be a target for more experienced players, so running out in the open is extremely dangerous.
  • Retreat as soon as a hostile enemy player is sighted.
  • As the Tool Hammer is the weakest primary weapon in the game (other than the stick), it is advised to not hold on to it and upgrade it as quickly as possible.
    • One exception to this rule would be when upgrading to the Polearm. Since the Tool Hammer gathers resources faster than the Polearm, it should be used to level the player up, and the Polearm should be selected later.
  • As the Tool Hammer has a quick movement speed, players with it can escape most opponents, making it easier to upgrade to a Polearm or other weapon.
  • If the player is desperate to kill someone, they should not keep on swinging their hammer but instead, swing when they're close enough to hit the opponent.
    • Likewise, since when you swing or shoot any weapon, it pushes you back ever so slightly when you shoot/swing with it in the direction you swung at. This is why you should get up in range of the escaping player and then hit.
    • Stay close to your spawn point, as traveling with the tool hammer will make you vulnerable to attack.

Gold Variant

01 G Tool Hammer

The Golden Tool Hammer is the golden version of Tool Hammer but with wider end. Along with the Short Sword, Great Hammer and Katana, it is one of the hardest weapons to get the gold variant with, due to the fact that you can't place and break Turrets with it, seeing as you can't have the Tool Hammer and the Turret.

Diamond Variant

Screenshot 2017-12-19 at 09.33.48

Diamond Tool Hammer

The Diamond Tool Hammer is the diamond version of the normal/golden Tool Hammer. It deals 30 (45 with bull helmet) damage to everything. The head of the hammer turns blue and the end of the hammer becomes more round than its gold counterpart.



Pre-37 tool hammer

The Tool Hammer before version 0.37.

  • 0.37 - Sprite Change
  • 0.10 - Added tool hammer. (Initial Release)



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